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Our Process

1. Tell Us About Your Painting Project

In order to get the "ball rolling", the first step is to reach out to our team! Give us a call at 508-845-4200 or submit the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a time for your estimate. Our office manager, Susan, will work with you to schedule a time to review your project with our owner, Jeff Millar.

2. Review Your Project

Jeff will arrive to do an on-site inspection of the proposed job. Your estimate will be priced on the spot, printed out and given to you before leaving.

3. Getting Started

Once a job is scheduled to start, our production manager, Marc Moran, will bring an experienced crew that works only for Living Colors to your home to start the job. Marc will visit the job site daily until your project is complete to ensure that the project is going to plan.

4. Job Completion

Upon completion, Marc or the crew foreman will walk through the job with you to ensure your satisfaction. All remaining paint will then be labeled and left for you. As an additional measure, all of your color and product information will be kept in our office, making the process even easier the next time you have Living Colors out to your house.

2 Year Guarantee

All residential & commercial painting services provided by Living Colors are covered under our 2 year guarantee. 

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